Monday, August 8, 2011


While my blog is about home and frugality– I wanted to share this video today.

The act of fracking is not frugal.  The costs related to environment and life are too substantial to allow this to continue.   Webster's defines frugal as : characterized by or reflecting economy (see economy: thrifty and efficient use of material resources ) in the use of resources.  It is  not in any way an efficient use of water, the most precious resource on earth, to say well oops we contaminated it and continue with these risks.  I've attached the government link to senators and representatives– a short e-mail questioning why fracking is being tolerated is an easy action you can take.  I will be e-mailing today.  If you e-mail as well and get a response I'd love to hear what your senator or representative has to say.  I'll get back to money saving and simplifying tips next time.  Thanks for reading.

E-mail Your Senate

Write Your House

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